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Excellent feature-rich tool to manage your clipboard and reuse its contents
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In spite of the constant evolution of Windows as a whole, its clipboard remains one of its most underdeveloped features. ClipClip has been designed to remedy the historical lack of functionality of this potentially powerful Windows feature. It provides you with an unlimited storage capacity for your clipboard entries and tools to manage, share, and – what is more – reuse them in a most convenient manner.

Texts, images, web links … anything you can send to your Windows clipboard is susceptible of being saved, cataloged, shared, and reused thanks to ClipClip. Unlike other similar clipboard software tools – which usually are but mere lists of text entries – this state-of-the-art new utility allows you to organize all your clipboard entries in an unlimited number of folders and sub-folders, edit all text-based entries, save them permanently on your hard drive, and have them ready for reuse at the click of a button.

You can define the type of clips you want the program to store and/or filter them by size. Thus, you can tell ClipClip to ignore all texts, files, or images altogether, or to leave out only those items in any of these categories exceeding a specific number of bytes. You can also define your own hot keys to open the pop-up menu and to toggle the clipboard monitor. You can search for clips using the program’s built-in engine and locate specific texts or images in no time. To make things even easier, you can tell ClipClip to display the file type and size in your context menu.

The program works silently in the background, not interfering with your work in any way. It will store every item you send to your Windows clipboard and will add it to a provisional list of “Latest Clips” until you decide what to do with it. In order to avoid losing any entries, I recommend you to set the program to save all your clipboard items on exit automatically. You can then go back to them in a later session and put them in the right folder, edit them, or simply remove those you won’t be needing again.

ClipClip has all the elements to make this Windows clipboard manager a successful tool. Getting used to it takes no time at all, and the more repetitive your typing tasks are, the more you will see your productivity increasing thanks to it. Actually, you only need to be a regular clipboard user and to find the blatant lack of functionality of the Windows clipboard as annoying as I do to enjoy ClipClip. If only for this, I can see no reason why anyone would not want to have this free utility installed on their system.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports an unlimited number of clips and folders
  • Manages anything that you can send to the clipboard
  • Search capabilities
  • Light-weight utility
  • Integrates with Google Drive for easy sharing
  • Can be used with Google Docs


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